ORICO Multi-function Silicone Anti-slip Pad/Phone Holder


  • With strong adhesion, mobile phones, cigarettes, pens, coins, glasses and other items are placed on top, three-dimensional edging design to prevent items from falling off
  •  It is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, non-toxic and tasteless.
  • It can be directly washed with water to remove dust on the non-slip mat, which can be used repeatedly.
  • Double card slot bracket design

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Multifunctional silicone anti-slip pad Dual-slot phone stand
Remain stable regardless of bumps or brakes With non-gel nano sucker type antiskid technology, can cement any flat surface, be firm with no glue marks.
Prevent rolling by heightened vertical surrounding edges Round objects like lipstick, pen, spray can also be safely stored, keep it from rolling
Reserve a charging port to protect mobile phone interface The reserved gap at the bottom of the edge is convenient for charging, and avoid charging interface be damaged due suspension.
Small size, large capacity Be able to store three mobile phones or coins, sunglass, parking card or other small objects simultaneously.
Anti-glare surface accompanies you to travel safely The matte surface treatment can avoid interference with driving even under the glare, scratch-proof and wear resistant
More than one aspect of practicality Home, office, storage essentials, the storage place of small objects, convenient tc take in and out. home Easily for you to watch TV series and store things at. office Won't miss any important calls even in silent mode




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