ORICO UCH-C3 34W 3 Port Cup-stand Design Car Charger


✔ 3 USB charging ports.
✔ Power: 36W.
✔ Output per port: 5V / 2.4A.
✔ Input: DC 12V.
✔ Compatible: various 5V devices.
✔ User-friendly.
✔ Fire resistant thanks to high-quality ABS + PC material.
✔ Multi-security system.
✔ product size: 130mm x 86.5mm x 69mm.

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Cup stand design, innovative idea for your car life

Do you feel upset about your messy things in car? ORICO UCH-C3 that is creative cup design gives you brand-new definition about automobile storage;
Applicable slot design with its delicate texture, which are derived from the automotive life inspiration, it also may be a good partner of your car.

More storage slots, everything is in order to facilitate your travel

It is dedicated to create cup charger to you. Easy to place in the car cup holder position, and the slot will help you to manage your cards such as fuel cards, parking cards, residential access card, etc. You need not worry about the loss of the card.

Lots of storage space

Intelligent variable flow technology, brings you smarter charging

Each USB can automatically assign the current 0.1-2.4A according to different devices. ORICO UCH-C3 gives you more experiences such as intelligent regulators, more saturated, faster, and more secure charging. What’s more, it automatically matches suitably desired current to your different devices.

It is ideal that while loading your mobile device, you can also place it in the cup. However, this is not the only advantage of an Orico USB car charger with three ports. In addition to your smartphone being charged quickly and safely while it is in the handy cup, you can also place your debit card, credit card, fuel card and parking tickets. This way you have all important cards and cards at your fingertips.

High quality ABS, green life

This cup holder is made of PC + ABS composites. Not only it has durable, comfortable texture, but also good corrosion resistance scratch, so its life is more lasting than ordinary car charger. Green travel, from now on!

The car charger cup is made of polycarbonate and ABS composites. This makes the product scratch resistant, durable and provides a comfortable texture.

Solid steel chassis, high performance shrapnel

Using new shrapnel, bilateral non-slip design. High-strength steel makes the car charger head carefully crafted elasticity very good. No matter how many times plug and pull, it always keeps high quality plug.

The use of the Orico 3 port USB car charger cup is very safe. Through the multi-security system, overheating, short circuit, overvoltage or other overload can not occur. Charging your 5V device with the car charger cup is also reliable due to internal voltage regulators and current protection.

Current security, reliable charging experience

ORICO’s multi protection safety systems ensure complete protection from electrical short circuit, over heat, over voltage, over charging, over current and etc. And then, it is coordinated with internal voltage regulator modules and intelligent control flow protection so that you can charge your devices with safe charging environment.

Are you often on the road and is it essential that your (mobile) devices are charged throughout the day? Then the Orico 3 port USB car charger cup is what you are looking for! Not only can as many as three 5V devices including a mobile phone, tablet, power bank, digital camera and game console be charged from 0.1A to 2.4A per port up to a maximum of 36W, but you can also safely store various properties in the stable and place modern cup.




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