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Xiaomi Pinlo Portable Juicer Mixer
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Xiaomi Pinlo Portable Juicer Mixer

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Compact and portable, rechargeable 2000mAh battery, power-off protection, 4 Leaf Stainless Steel Blade

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xiaomi pinlo Rechargeable Juicer drink fresh wherever you go. Compact | 2000mAh battery | Power off protection | Easy operation
Micro usb charging. Fruit and vegetable dishes can be not limited to the kitchen, a small cup of juice that can be carried with you, so that you can get rid of the power supply. Whether it's in the office, gym or picnic park, Pinlo hand-held juice machine makes it easy to make freshly squeezed juices and enjoy healthy drinks anytime, anywhere.
Long-lasting Battery Life. Pinlo Portable Juice Cup has built-in 2000MAh/5C rechargeable battery. When fully charged, It can make 20-30 cups of juice and weigh more than 10L.
The rated power of the Pinlo Portable Juice Cup is 70W. Under the premise of ensuring the juice extraction effect, the motor energy consumption is reduced and the conversion rate of the power is increased, so that the juice machine can continuously produce delicious juice. Pinlo Portable Juice Cup is generally recommended fruit type: watermelon, orange, apple, grapes, banana and other relatively easy to handle fruit, if you need more powerful processing of more complex fruit, please use Pinlo Blender Machine.
4 Leaf Stainless Steel Blade. Pinto Portable Juice Cup uses 4 Leaf Stainless Steel Blade to blend ingredients, make juice more delicious
The uniquely designed grooved cup body has a turbulent effect: it increases the effective power of the juice machine, and can process the ingredients more finely, making the drink feel smoother.
Smart Power Failure Protection The main body of Pinto Portable Juice Cup is equipped with a micro-motion protection device and a timely chip. When the cup body and the main unit are separated, idling, overtime operation and other abnormal conditions, the power will be automatically shut down to ensure the safety of use.
The Pinlo hand-held juicer has a compact body and is designed for portability. The main unit and the juice cup are equipped with separate lids for easy dispensing. Wherever you want to go, it can accompany you with fresh squeezed juice.
Pinto Portable Juice Cup comes with a standard Micro USB charging port. It does not require continuous power supply which is very convenient.
Thanks to the patented main body, the simple design of the cutter head and the waterproof charging cover specially added for the convenience of the cleaning, the Pinlo juicer can be washed directly under the water, and the residue of the ingredients can be easily cleaned.
Xiaomi pinlo juicer details
ABS Material Shell Tritan body provides a durable experience
Xiaomi Pinlo Juicer Technical Specs
Brand Name Pinlo (Xiaomi Ecosystem Brand)
Product Name Pinlo Portable Juicer
Product Number PL-B007W2W
Product Weight 522g
Product Color White
Battery Capacity 2000mAh
Voltage 5 ~ 9V
Operating Time: ≤ 30 Seconds
Standards: GB4706.1-2005





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