Aqara G2 1080P Intelligent Network Camera ( Gateway Edition )

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Gateway function, 1080P HD recording, night vision 42% enhanced, AI humanoid detection, one-click video message, time-lapse photography

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Smart Camera G2 is also the intelligent gateway of Zigbee 3.0. Zigbee 3.0 enables Zigbee smart devices to interoperate while providing a more stable network connection and more energy efficient. You can view the home situation in real time through Aqara smart camera G2; With the use of Mijia and Aqara smart devices, you can realize rich automation scenes and provide comprehensive protection for the family.
Intelligent linkage Forgot to turn off the lights? Open the Mijia APP, view the live video, and instantly control the smart sub-devices connected to the camera. The state and linkage changes of the smart devices are clearly seen through the real-time picture.
Night vision enhancement, 1080P ultra clear With the latest technology image sensor, it can effectively enhance the sensitivity of 42%. The 2 megapixel HD quality clearly captures tiny details, and each picture is as clear and smooth as you can see it. *The data comes from the Aqara Lab, and the data will vary slightly due to changes in the objective environment.
AI image recognition to capture abnormal dynamics in the home Using AI image recognition technology, it can quickly detect movement, detect human form, and effectively avoid false alarms caused by pets running. When no one is at home, if a humanoid movement is detected, a 12s video will be recorded and a reminder will be pushed to the mobile phone. Two-way voice, smooth and unobstructed calls Support full-duplex voice calls, you can talk to your family anytime, anywhere through the Mijia APP, communication is easy and smooth.
One-click video message Press and hold the camera function button for 3 seconds to record a 15-second message and send it to your family. Communication and companionship are easier.
urn on time-lapse shooting and record good times Automatically record the sunrise and sunset for you, record the good life of you and your family and pets. Compress your day into a short video, so you can see the excitement that the naked eye can't capture.
THREE STORAGE METHODS, RETAINING HISTORICAL VIDEO Support local SD card storage, you can view video at any time Support NAS storage, backup historical video to devices such as routers, and save forever The abnormal waming video is automatically uploaded to the doud, and the evidence can be saved even if the camera is destroyed.
A variety of installation methods, installed in the place you want to install The base has a built-in powerful magnet that can be attached to an iron-containing object. The package comes with a wall mount installation kit that supports a variety of installation methods such as flat placement, wall attachment, and flip mounting. * The camera needs to be placed within the coverage of the Wi-Fi signal.
Three storage methods Local Micro SD card | NAS storage | Cloud storage Support local Micro SD card storage, easy to view video at any time; support NAS storage, backup historical video on Micro SD card to routers and other devices for permanent storage; abnormal alarm video in home is automatically uploaded to the cloud, even if the camera is destroyed, the evidence can be saved. *NAS storage function will be online soon, so stay tuned
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Aqara G2 1080P Intelligent Network Camera ( Gateway Edition ) Technical Specs

Product name Aqara Smart Camera G2 (Gateway Edition)
Resolution 1080p
Viewing angle 140 degree
Product size 82.4×56.5×50.5mm
Package Size 117×91×8.4mm
Gross weight 261g
Product number ZNSXJ12LM
Power Adapter Input voltage 5V/1A
Power consumption 5W (MAX)
Working temperature -10~40 Celsius
Wireless connections Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Zigbee
Local storage MicroSD* (supports CLASS4 or above, 32GB)
Supporting device Android 4.0 or iOS8 or higher device
Encoding format H.265/H.264
Night vision distance 8m
Video frame rate 20fps






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