Xiaomi Yunmai Skipping Jumping Rope Weight Version

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Anti-skid handle, one-piece bearing, Ergonomic handle design, double wire rope

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Yunmai Skipping Rope. Non-slip handle | One-piece bearing | Heavy metal block| Double wire ropes
Jumping rope is an incredible efficient cardio workout. You can burn more calories jump roping for 10 minutes than you would running an 7-minute mile. Start blasting the fat and perfecting the double under with the ultra high speed Jump Rope.
our exercise skipping rope can shape your cardio endurance, stamina and speed, while improving the muscle tension of your whole body. A great choice for boxing, MMA and cross training
Handle is designed with ergonomics, professional hand glue on the outside, soft and comfortable, sweat-absorbent and breathable, great anti-slip, you can also change hand grip with badminton, tennis or other hand gel.
The handle is equipped with a professional 10,000 carat carbon steel bearing, smooth and effective rotation to prevent roping, taking into account the product's life and quality.
The inside of the handle can be loaded with weight-bearing pieces to adjust the feel increase the strength, and challenge the speed and endurance of the skipping rope to achieve better sports effect
double wire rope. The wire rope is 3 meters long and can be freely adjusted in length. Low wind resistance coefficient
The rope skipping angle is perpendicular to the angle of the grip, which is easy to control, makes the jumping speed faster and the racing speed better.
The middle of the wire rope can be covered with a silicone sleeve, effectively extending the overall service life.

Xiaomi Yunmai Skipping Jumping Rope Weight Version Specs

Product number YMHR-P701
Color Black
Size 170×170×50mm
Material PP, PVC, Carbon Steel
Standard Q/YM 006-2018
Manufacturer. Zhuhai Yunmai Technology Co., Ltd.
Package content Skipping Rope Handles x 2
3.4mm skipping steel rope x 1
2.5mm skipping steel rope x 1
Spare Anti-slip overgrip x 2
Overgrip wrapped band x 2
Counterweight x 2
Portable fitting bag x 1
Spare parts bag x 1
Chinese User Manual x 1


  1. Before skipping the rope, let the feet, legs, wrists, and ankles do some preparatory activities. When you skip the rope, bend your knees slightly, while your shoulders are relaxed.
  2. When skipping the rope, you should wear high-quality sneakers with soft texture and light weight to avoid ankle injury.
  3. Choose soft and moderate lawns, wooden floors and plastic venues. Do not jump rope on rough concrete floor, which will affect the service life of the rope. Obese and middle-aged women should use both feet to rise and fall at the same time. In order to avoid joint damage due to excessive weight.






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