Xiaomi Mijia Smart Tire Air Pump


Digital tire pressure detection / built-in lithium battery / For Bike, Motorcycle, Car and Football

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Xiaomi Smart Tire Pump Main Features

  • Portable electric pump
  • Digital tire pressure detection
  • Reset pressure charge to stop
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Compatible with a variety of nozzle
  • Small portable out of worry-free
  • Powerful power multi-purpose

Fully charged 8 road bike tires
Restart speed can be filled with a tire in about 3 minutes
Full power can make up about 5 car tires
Filling speed about 6 minutes to fill a tire
Inflation pressure range: 2000mAh (14.8Wh)
Working noise: distance 1M noise is less than 80dB
Trachea size: tracheal pull-out length 180mm, including nozzle (without thread) + adapters
Storage temperature: -10 to 45 Deg.C
Charging interface: micro-USB
Charging parameters: 5V 2A
Sensor accuracy: ±2psi
Working temperature: 0 – 45 Deg.C
Discharge temperature: -10 to 45 Deg.C
Charging time: less than 3 hours

Package Contents:
1 x Inflatable Treasure,
1 x Air Nozzle Adapter,
1 x Gas Needle,
1 x Charging Cable,
1 x Storage Bag,
1 x Chinese Manual

Xiaomi Mijia Inflatable Pump Tire Electric pump Air Compressor LED display
Safe, durable and premium The temperature difference between the four seasons is large, and it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the tire pressure. Too low or too high a tire pressure can create a safety hazard. Charged to preset pressure and stopped. Digital display to detect tire pressure and test tire pressure at any time to avoid emergencies
Powerfull compatible with lots of nozzles. the high precision alloy die-casting cylinder can be easily pressurized to 150 psi to meet the aeration froce required for road bikes as well as to inflate common bicycle tires, footballs, car tire, motercycle tire etc
small portable and convenient. can be charged by a power bank. inflatable pump do require an external power supply when working. can use freely in the night with the help of led light
1. Full Power Charges about 41 Footballs from 0 psi to 12 psi ( 1 Minute Charge 1 Ball) 2. Full Power Charges about 8 Bike Tires from O psi to 120 psi (3 Minutes Charges 1 Tire) 3. Full Power Charges about 6 Motorcycle Tires from O bar to 2.4 bar ( 6 Minutes Charges 1 Tire) 4. Full Power Charges about 5 Car Tires from 2.0 bar to 2.5 bar ( 6 Minutes Charges 1 Tire )
Safe and Durable Static & Dynamic Warehouses Separated The small body with feature of the excellent heat dissipation, the shock-absorbing pad dissolves the working vibration of the cylinder, and the hand-held operation is more comfortable. High power supplies with 18650 power lithium battery.
With LED lighting, Convenient To Use LED lighting to help you operate freely in the night.
Through A Number Of Rigorous Tests Provide Durable Quality Item overpressure function protection test tracheal hydrostatic test trachea tensile temperature charging test compression test free fall test electrical strength test movement durabiliv test





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