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Xiaomi Zdeer Smart Moxibustion Box 2
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Xiaomi Zdeer Smart Moxibustion Box 2

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Smokeless moxibustion | Wireless | Intelligent temperature control | Touch screen operation | Intelligent heat dissipation

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The device is called Xiaomi Zdeer Smart Moxibustion Box 2 and, as the name suggests, it is an accessory that uses the practice of moxibustion to treat some symptoms.

moxibustion is a typical therapeutic practice of Chinese medicine and is part of external techniques. It is applied in combination with massage, acupuncture or as a single technique (Wikipedia )

it has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of 12 centimeters and a height of 4.9 centimeters. The materials used include PC plastic and ABS treated in such a way that they are not flammable. We then have a curvature at the bottom and a silicone edge to prevent it from falling. While in the upper part we find an LED screen with a button only for a very simple use, there is also a white light to create a more special atmosphere.

The Xiaomi Zdeer Smart Moxibustion Box 2 comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a USB Type-C port for fast recharging. The device can be used wirelessly and brought with you to work to use during a break or while traveling.

Since moxibustion occurs through the calorification of the skin and underlying and internal structures, the device uses a chip produced by STMicroelectronics MCU for temperature control. Thanks to the chip it is also possible to set four different moxibustion modes, so that you can take advantage of different treatments.

The temperature inside the Moxibustion Box 2 constantly increases from the lowest to the highest through the use of a sensor monitored in real time. While a cooling system takes care of lowering the temperature during the treatment in case of need.

You can connect the Zdeer Smart Moxibustion Box 2 to the Mijia application to be able to control the device directly from your smartphone.

Zdeer Smart Moxibustion Box 2
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, peripheral type-c , and you can use it wirelessly or during charging. Whether it's lunch break or office time, it is easy to carry, free of restraint, and enjoy moxibustion anytime and anywhere.





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